Der Ratzefummel - Kleine Sünden einfach wegradieren


... kommt doch genau zur richtigen Zeit ,...

Und ist für 1,50 € für jeden Sterblichen zu haben: //www.ratzefummel.eu/

ÖPDATE: Apropos: Eine sehr interessante kommentierte Version der besagten Papst-Vorlesung Rede gibts bei rebell.tv


Präsident Ahmadinedschads Blog gehackt?

...Naja irgendwie hätte cybi ursprünglich auf //www.ahmadinejad.ir/ gehen wollen - ihr wisst schon: Irans Präsident Mahmud Ahmadinedschad hat ein eigenes Weblog gestartet......und das kam dabei raus:


....und da es oben nicht so gut geht mit lesen,.... hier noch ein pööp-uup.


Öpdate: mittlerweile sieht der Auftritt so aus:



The darkest places in Hell ...

"The darkest places in Hell are reseved for those
who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis."


[Via: Lebanese Blogger Forum ]

"Just another bloody week, But we still refuse to die. Nothing much has happened during the last week, things have become pretty stagnant. We are all sick of this stupid war. I have started writing entries strictly about me, but somehow they seem to be out of context right now so I'll keep them for some other time, hope to write to you next time about how the war has ended!"

[Via: Einmal ist Keinmal ]

"The war on Lebanon has had a devastating effect on me. I felt betrayed by everyone. Perhaps I fail to realize over and over again that human values betray those who hang on to them with messianic delusion. The universality of values is great. It gives us aspirations and ambition. But every passing day proves that they're unrealistic if not coupled with an understanding of nature."

[ Via: From Beirut to the Beltway ]

"It should be evident that Syria is, and always was, part of the problem, not the solution."

[Via: Across the Bay ]

"I'm still up.Yes, still... even though it's 9am. I couldn't fall asleep last night-- I kept tossing and turning, half because I was apprehensive about the explosions I knew were coming, and half because it was 32 degrees in my bedroom (no fuel = no electricity = no AC).Once the strikes started, they just kept going. Every third or fourth one would be intense enough to re-set off a cacophony of car alarms in my neighborhood.

It has been a while since Beirut got hit that hard, that unrelentingly. Jamal counted at least 20 strikes by 5:30am. And it sounds like much of the rest of the country had it even worse.The bombardment stopped around dawn. But the smell of smoke in the air is so strong, it's actually keeping me from falling asleep. Guess it's time to make some coffee."

[Via: Chercheuse d'or ]

"Never did the horrible reality of war affect a family that we know so well as it did last Thursday. Yesterday evening my wife called her parents, as she does every day. They said they were in Binyamina, at the house of my brother-in-law. We thought that they went for the weekend, to breathe some fresh air and see a bit more than the four walls of the bunker at home. After about ten minutes it turned out that they had been to a funeral a little more south. We had read about a soldier who had been killed by anti-tank fire in Lebanon, but we did not know it was major ( res. ) Nimrod Hillel. He was about the same age as my brother-in-law, and when I just met my wife he and his young wife Ofira lived in our street. Both of them had just started a career after having studied and met at the Technion. They had a beautiful daughter, Yasmin, and later, after they moved to Rosh Ha'ayin, they had a son, Noam, who is half a year younger than our daughter, and twin daughters, Hadas and Sapir, who like our son will have their fourth birthday in November. Yasmin had her bat-mitzvah about half a year ago. Many of the baby-videos that were used at the party had been made by my wife."

[Via: Dutchblog Israel ]

"So what’s with this……recurrent claim by, among others, a particularly frothing at the mouth Galloway (in a hilarious performance on Sky news a week or two ago) about thousands of Lebanese prisoners being held in Israeli dungeons (dungeons? I’ve been in one of the worst Israeli prisons a few times, not very nice - I wouldn’t even wish it on Mitzi the Cat - but it was all above ground level as far as I could see)? We hear his claim and we scratch our heads in bewilderment."

[Via: Not a Fish ]

"Three weeks into the escalation on the Northern boarder, everyone has their own theory as to what will be next. Meanwhile, tourists are still enjoying holidays in the centre of the country, and most people have adapted their lives so to keep on living. Some watch the news much more, others self impose a media blackout. In honesty, there is enough out there for you to choose what you want to believe."

[Via: If you will it ... ]

The Bottom Line
The fog of war is very foggy right now, and so is the fog of peace with this UN resolution. It's hard for me to form a clear opinion at the moment. My feelings are mixed. I'm glad there is an end in sight, I'm glad we're not going to lose tens or maybe hundreds of young men.


The bottom line is that if we end this thing, and if we don't get those kidnapped soldiers back, preferably alive -- Olmert's career is toast. I'd love to be a fly on the wall of Likud's Bibi Netanyahu and his advisers right now. He's tanned, rested, and ready, I'm sure. In the last campaign, he talked endlessly about the Hezbollah threat and was ridiculed by many -- myself included -- for trying to spook us with scary ghost story. His campaign slogan: "I Told You So"

[Via: An Unsealed Room ]


Ohne Worte

....ich bin perplex ... und auch ein bisschen beschämt ... es rückt einem die eigenen Probleme Problemchen wieder zurecht ...

The most puzzling aspect of life about Iran! Most of us have no clue how to live well. But when faced with the inevitable, a great number aspire to die well. Can you let yourselves see the stunning, serene dignity?

[Via: Brooding Persian ]


Latest on London Blast - Blogging London - Technorati und Flickr

Scotland Yard has confirmed six incidents involving tube trains and buses in central London but said the cause is not known. The whole of the London Underground system is closed. The Home Secretary has advised people not to make unnecessary journeys in central London and the Metropolitan Police advice is that people in London stay where they are. (Quelle)

... soweit die Polizei-Informationen ... (Stand: 13.00 Uhr, 7.7.05)

Besonders interessant im Zusammenhang mit den Anschlägen das regelmässig aktualisierte Gemeinschaftsblog:

Metroblogging London: //london.metblogs.com/

Oder auch (auf Deutsch): //www.londonleben.co.uk/

Technorati Tag: London Explosions

Flickr Tags: London und London bomb blast. Oder/und: London Bomb Blast Pool

NEU: 7/7 Community (formerly London Bomb Blasts) / Pool

Wikipedia: 2005 London transport explosions

Wiki-News: Explosions, 'serious incidents' occuring across London.

The Guardian Readers Blog mit Augenzeugenberichten.

BBC-Augenzeugenberichte - Fotos von Leserinnen und Lesern.

ÖPDATE: Das Kondolenzregister ist nun auch "in die Hosen" gestiegen und hat ein Kondolenzbuch zu den Anschlägen in London eröffnet:

Ihre Kondolenzeintragung wird nach 6 Wochen zusammen mit allen übrigen Kondolenzeintragungen in einem Sammelband angeboten an der
die Britische Botschaft in Bern
Wie war das nochmals? Aber lest selbst nach:

ÖPDATE II (20:55): Hier noch einige weitere Blogs aus London:


Now you come to Mention it

Going Underground's Blog:

Yankee Fog:

Little Red Boat:

The Green Ribbon

The Urban Badger:

Random Acts of Reality:

A From L:

Tired of Men:

1st Last Stop (aka: London Calling)

An Spaniard in UK

Mrs. Mogul:

Gia's Blog:

In the Aquarium: A London Life:


Und ausserdem:

LaJadia Sadië sings tha Bluez



Salam Pax reloaded

Weiss "Gott" nicht neu,...aber trotzdem: Immer wieder ein Lese-Genuss !


Florence & Hussein


Die Irak-Korrespondentin von Libération Florence Aubenas und ihr Dolmetscher Hussein Hanoun al-Saadi werden seit rund drei Wochen (seit dem 6.Januar 2005) vermisst. Informationen von Libération im Dossier Florence & Hussein.

Und das Forum : Lettre de soutien à Florence Aubenas et Hussein Hanoun al-Saadi (Via: Libération )


Books for Soldiers


Books For Soldiers is a soldier support site that ships books, DVDs and supplies to deployed soldiers and soldiers in VA hospitals, via our large volunteer network.

If you have old, but usuable books or DVDs sitting around, collecting dust, why not send them to a soldier for a big morale boost?Many of our volunteers have received email and letters from the soldiers they have adopted. Help us out, help the troops out, mail them your books.

Hier die Richtlinien.


Vote-Greetings from IraQ

MSNBC.com - Citizen Journalist Fotos:


Greetings from Iraq from Damien Cabaza: "This picture was sent to me by some friends of mine who happen to be American G.I.'s stationed in Iraq. They had just finished their absentee ballots. They asked me to send these pictures to everyone to show how energized the troops are by the election. They even called me this morning to ask what times the polls in California close so that they could sit by the radio for the results."
[Via: Citizen Journalist: Your Photos - Bild: 10/21 ]


The One Finger Victory Salute

Ausnahmsweise nicht aus Farenheit 9/11, allerdings ebenso echt: The One Finger Victory Salute (Video)

[Via: La course à la Maison blanche - Libération ]



Alles fliesst und nichts bleibt (Heraklit von Ephesos)








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